How to get duplicate RC book online for your car?

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) of first-time sellers of used cars: I wish to sell my car, so which will be the best option? To go to a used car dealer or to sell used car online? I have lost the RC book of my car. Can I get a duplicate RC book online? What... Continue Reading →

Hyundai or Maruti – Which car is best for Indian Roads?

Maruti Suzuki India is undoubtedly the winner of hearts of car owners in India with a whopping market share of 51%. Though Hyundai bags the second-best market share of the auto industry of a 16% which is like 35% behind the leader as per ET reported in the last quarter of 2018. With no denial,... Continue Reading →

How to Negotiate for a Used Car

Once you’ve done your research and set your budget, you’ve found that perfect used car that you’re interested to buy. What now? It’s time to negotiate and work out a drool-worthy deal. People find negotiation a combative and uncomfortable experience, but it doesn’t have to be! If you do your homework, come prepared, know your... Continue Reading →

How to Know Vehicle Registration Details Online?

There are many platforms providing details on vehicle registration, giving all required information to the customer just through the vehicle number. Just search vehicle registration details via putting in the vehicle number and find out the details of any vehicle registered in India through many websites. The RTO Database brings you all the necessary registration... Continue Reading →

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